Marvelous Madeleines

Marvelous Madeleines, a full length farce, was commissioned by Three Cat Productions in 2015, and was produced at Berger Park Coach House in November, 2016.


Marvelous Madeleines is a spoof on the romantic comedy genre, in which two companies meet, fall in love, and get married. Marvelous Madeleines is a French gourmet cake company specializing in madeleines that can only be described as orgasmic, the handiwork of creative genius Astrid-Noemi. National Cookies is an American cookie company that specializes in selling vast quantities of low-quality cookies, facilitated by marketing genius Tom. Set in a world where it’s legal for companies to get married, but marriages between individuals are viewed as dismal and second rate, the two companies can’t be happier when they meet in a Paris café. But after getting married and moving to Montana, Astrid-Noemi loses her inspiration and the fundamental differences between the two companies begin to emerge. The French CEO, Simone, must ask National Cookies CEO Harold to bail them out financially, which he resents. As a result of the marriage, Harold’s faithful assistant, Sandy, is asked to take on more and more work for no increase in pay, and Marvelous Madeleine’s pro-American accountant Remy can’t help developing a conscience over this injustice to his friend. As things go south, the members of Marvelous Madeleines decide unilaterally to form a child company in order to rekindle their romance, and National Cookies views this as a terrible betrayal, given their financial instability. In the end, Astrid-Noemi and Tom can no longer deny the love they feel for each other individually, and the companies are forced to divorce.

The New Republic

The New Republic had a staged reading in Chicago Dramatists Saturday Series on February 28, 2015. It was workshopped in Three Cat Productions' Chicago New Work Festival February 2-7, with a staged reading at Berger Park Coach House Theater.


Maximum LXXXVIII — the self-proclaimed greatest animal lover of all time — has led a revolution against his own human race, and set himself up as dictator of The New Republic. Faced with nuclear retaliation, Maximum recruits the highly intelligent Francine Fox to train his dysfunctional animal administration. But Francine soon discovers the real danger is the dictator’s own prejudices against animals. Can Francine save the republic without betraying her fellow beasts, or going to the guillotine herself? Part tragedy and part Saturday morning cartoon, The New Republic examines how our own biases prevent us from seeing people for who they are, despite our best intentions.

The Newlyweds

The Newlyweds was workshopped in 20% Theater Chicago's Dark Room series, with two staged readings in January of 2015 at Mrs. Murphy's & Sons Irish Bistro in Chicago. The Newlyweds was first developed at Chicago Dramatists and in Three Cat Productions' 2013 Chicago New Work Festival.


In the world of The Newlyweds, brides, grooms, best men, maids of honor, and bridesmaids participate in weddings as a career (to the benefit of a massive wedding industry), and their reward is remaining young and beautiful forever. When a mysterious guest arrives, the bridesmaid at the center of the story is forced to choose between new-found emotions and what she’s believed to be true all of her life. An absurdist farce, The Newlyweds is about the importance of resisting received propaganda and appearances in favor of one’s own truth.


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