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Barcolana54—Wendy Schmidt first woman skipper-owner to win the race

The Barcolana Trophy now flies to the United States, to the New York Yacht Club, the same club that, for 132 years, held the America’s Cup.

She also takes home the Trofeo Generali Women in Sailing, the trophy offerd by Generali, awarded to the first female classified leader of a mixed crew, and this is the first time a single team has won both Trophies.

The 26-meters-Botin 85’ crossed the finish line in 57 minutes and 47 seconds to win by just 59 seconds in front of the thousands of people watching and cheering from the Rive of Trieste.

Arca Fondi SGR finished second with a time of 58 minutes and 46 seconds. Third was Portpiccolo Proscco Doc.

The 2022 Barcolana54 had 1,614 yachts on the start-line in the Bay of Trieste.

The 50th annual regatta in 2018, saw the participation of 2,869 yachts, a new world record for a sailing regatta.