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Wendy’s grantmaking and investing across the Schmidt family of organizations seeks to expand our knowledge and stewardship of our planet and its intricately connected systems. Her work supports communities worldwide to access clean energy, pursue agroecology and advance human health and human rights. She believes in the power of the network and invests in talent, supporting farmers, fishers, scientists, activists, journalists, inventors and entrepreneurs.

  • Schmidt Family

    The Schmidt Family Foundation makes grants and impact investments through two programs: the 11th Hour Project, which partners with communities around the world in working for renewable energy, resilient food systems, healthy oceans and the protection of human rights, and Schmidt Marine Technology Partners, which supports scientists, engineers and entrepreneurs in developing technologies that restore ocean health.

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  • Schmidt Ocean Institute boldly explores our unknown ocean—offering access to a world-class philanthropic research vessel for scientists around the world—to excite interest and inform the wise stewardship of our planet.

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  • Schmidt Sciences works to advance science and technology that deepens human understanding of the natural world and develops solutions to global issues.

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  • 11th Hour Racing works with the sailing community and maritime industry to advance solutions and sustainable practices that protect and restore the health of the ocean.

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  • Remain works to bring creative thinking to environmental and community challenges, elevate local industry and encourage innovation and resilience.

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